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Discover top-tier grooming services in Scottsdale with Blurred Lines Barber Shop. Book an appointment or walk in today for exceptional haircuts, beard trims, and more.

Blurred Lines Barbershop

Est. September 2015 by WendyCutsHair. At BL we cater to both male and female looking for upscale hair treatments and fresh new custom short styles. Now offering all hair length services by trained professionals at BL on Main St.

Our Scottsdale Barber Shop provides premium services space, EMERGENCY HAIRCUTS & On-Site services for your events, home, or office visits. Count on us.

​We offer clients a wide range of Barber services from straight razor shaving, hair styling and coloring, beard grooming, and even eyebrow trimming. Our modern style shop gives the opportunity to have your hair treated by professionals that know short hair of all textures. If you are looking for a new Scottsdale Barber Shop Schedule an Appointment online today.

Angel Navarro @ Blurred Lines Barbershop
Angel Navarro

Angel Navarro also known as VarroCutz

Is a passionate Barber at Blurred Lines Optima. Angel is our OG barber and has been along for the journey! A barber of 10+ years who loves to deliver a perfect cut and great convo. With a love for sports, Movies, recent events, and of course the ice tea! If you know you know, but if you don’t know you should come find out.

Wendy Armenta

Grooming men’s hair since 2012 Wendy began to accumulate the experience and wisdom needed to become a versatile barber. She continues to evolve in the barber profession, raising the bar and inspiring the younger generation as a barbershop leader. It was always her dream to become an entrepreneur and just so found that through her passion for grooming hair and serving people. It’s a dream to be surrounded by inspiring individuals like the colleges she works with and the people who sit in the chairs at Blurred Lines Barbershop day after day.

Wendy Armenta @ Blurred Lines Barbershop
Cisco De la Cruz @ Blurred Lines Barbershop
Cisco De la Cruz

Cisco, originally from Tucson made the move to Phoenix. With a decade of experience in the barber chair I draw I inspiration through music, fashion, and experiences gained through traveling. I take pride in constantly educating myself, meeting new people, and continuing to strive for greatness not only as a barber but as an individual. I aspire to establish a place  where others experience top notch grooming and creative inspiration.

Alfonzo Q.

Fonzo is focused on being detailed, consistent, and serving good vibes to his clients and those who walk into Blurred Lines . He’s thankful to provide an exceptional service that clients will love.

Cisco De la Cruz @ Blurred Lines Barbershop
Christian Henry@ Blurred Lines Barbershop
Christian Henry

Hi, I’m Christian! Through my education and experience in the barbering world, I believe in excelling your overall experience as a client. I specialize in, and showcase, a revolutionary blend of high precision barbering and contemporary hairstyling. I have a passion for showing my clients what their hair is truly capable of and I go the extra mile through my consultation. By analyzing your face shape, hair texture and identity, persona, together we create something fully unique and tailored to you while also staying mindful of your wants and needs. My passions and values, as a person and outside of the barbershop, fluidly transmit into my work and creativity in the shop. I take pride in and consider myself to be a hybrid barber stylist, not only a barber. I work along side some of the greatest and most driven stylists in the industry and continue to grow my skill set through experience and the ability to educate others.

Jazmine Champagne

Jazmine is a barber new to Arizona from New Mexico working to cultivate relationships and deliver an elevated customer experience. She’s been licensed and practicing for over 9 years,  and has committed to bettering her craft as well as staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Her specialties include and are not limited to braiding, short haircuts, long haircuts, hair-coloring, and special event styling. Beauty comes from within, but a little self care paired with a badass hair style never hurt anyone!

Jazmine Champagne @ Blurred Lines Barbershop
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Premier barber shop in Scottsdale

Founded with a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail, Blurred Lines Barber Shop started as a dream to create a grooming haven for all.

From professionals in Arcadia to locals in Old Town Scottsdale, we cater to a diverse clientele seeking quality grooming services tailored to their individual style.

Proud recipients of accolades and recognition for our outstanding services, including Emergency Haircuts, Blurred Lines Barber Shop sets the standard for excellence in grooming.

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Empower individuals through exceptional grooming experiences

At Blurred Lines Barber Shop, our mission is to provide a welcoming space where clients can elevate their personal style while fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

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